What I do

I'm a data geek with a consulting mindset. I've worked on A.I. and software teams at big and large companies, have led teams, and founded companies.

If you're looking make something awesome, chances are, I can help.

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Create machine learning and A.I. tools to power automations that grow your business

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Create mobile apps, websites, SaaS products, and other products

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Build graphs, charts, reports, and dashboards to help you get a handle on your metrics

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Tech Strategy

Trying to figure out how to move forward? I'll build a plan to help you start

I'm a data geek with a mind for business growth

I've been working in tech for my whole career, and have built systems, data products, A.I. algorithms, and everything in between. Now, I'm looking to help.

I love data. I love making an impact. I love software. I'm combining my passions into an offer to help you create, implement, or learn more about how to use data to grow your own business.