For data-driven companies

Monetize your data with A.I., analytics, automation, machine learning

It's no secret that data-driven companies can grow faster and move faster. Now is the best time to start leveraging your data to build automated models, dashboards, and reports.

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Licensed Image - Startfy Webflow Template

How I help companies grow with data and tech

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Predictive and forecasting models

I've built predictive models for years. I'll help create models for anything - churn models, inventory, financials, etc.

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Data pipelines and ETL

Creating periodic, recurring jobs and infrastructure to move and transform data is hard. I'll help

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Full-stack software development

I've been working with software for 20+ years (seriously, I started coding Javascript at age 14). Let's build something cool

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Dashboards and reports

Create reports that help your team keep up-to-date with the latest metrics that matter to them

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Analytics / predictive analytics

Identify the driving factors and the story behind what's happening in your business

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Data-driven strategy

Use data to figure out the optimal decisions to make for the future

What you get when we team up

Understand Your Business Goals

Most technical folks just don't care about your actual goals. I'll work to understand what you need and deliver something that meets your objectives.

Technical Expertise With A Business Mind

I've spent my entire career working on software, analytics, and predictive analytics (A.I.), but I've always done it within the context of achieving larger business goals.

Timely & Effective Communication

I set up periodic checkins, project management trackers, and provide frequent updates since I know how frustrating it is to never hear back from someone you're relying on.