Milton was an A.I. stock ranker that ranked stocks based on their future expected performance.

Stock Rankings With A.I.
SaaS Platform

Project Overview

Milton was a SaaS tool that used a wide-recurrent deep neural network to forecast and rank future stock performance by using 100s of millions of financial data points and 10s of thousands of financial articles, analyst opinions, and press releases. We created stock forecasts using a deep neural network that aggregated tens of thousands of text-based datasets (financial articles, analyst opinions, 10-Ks, etc), along with hundreds of thousands of financial data points, and trained a deep learning model to forecast future stock performance.


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Milton effectively identified stocks that were trending upwards in the future and provided a working implementation of a wide recurrent neural network that leveraged natural language processing, processed over 100 million financial data points, and identified trends in stocks that could be leveraged for improved investing.