Parlance Form

Parlance From is an open source, dynamic dynamic form builder that incorporates Excel-style formulas, conditional branching, placeholders, and other advanced features for building smooth, one-question-per-screen forms.

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Parlance Form


The founders of PARCO, a financial services firm for federal governments, were spending too much time interviewing their prospective customers to get data that they could use to provide them with retirement advice. They needed a faster way to collect information upfront so their sales team could spend more time closing deals and less time on gathering data. They looked into several commercial form builders, but couldn't find a way to provide a conversational, interactive experience with their products, so they contacted me to help build a more sophisticated form builder.

Parlance Form

After getting up to speed on what they needed, I built a configurable form builder that let them create a dynamic form that responded to users' answers with in-form analysis, dynamically hidden questions, and retirement advice based on their users' answers. After building the form, I set it up for them so that they could change all aspects of the form using a simple set of columns in Google Sheets that specified how the form works, no coding needed on their part. I later released Parlance Form as an open source component for React developers, now available on npm.


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Working in close collaboration with PARCO's team, I implemented and deployed Parlance Form in just over a month. In addition to implementing a large and dynamic form that covered over 100 steps, I connected the form to PARCO's Google Sheets account, allowing them to both configure the form and collect responses in a spreadsheet, without requiring them to implement a backend API. I continue to work in close collaboration with PARCO, and we are planning on implementing further enhancements to not only the form but to the data and analytics that they've already started working on. See below for a testimonial from John Mantia, PARCO's director.‍