Personalized Ecommerce With A.I.

Apteo was a SaaS platform that helped ecommerce brands create personalized marketing campaigns and shopping experiences with A.I.

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Personalized Ecommerce With A.I.

Project Overview

Apteo was a startup that existed to help ecommerce brands use their data to drive new and repeat sales more effectively. The company allowed ecommerce marketers to create personalized marketing campaigns and shopping experiences by using predictive analytics to forecast which products and product categories their customers were most likely to purchase, using that information to create automatically personalized emails, auto-generate segments, and analyze customer purchasing behavior.

As a technical founder of the company, I developed a large portion of the data and A.I. infrastructure, including data pipelines, machine learning training and inference, model optimization, reporting, and dashboards. In addition, I managed a team of other machine learning engineers (as well as sales execs, customer success managers, and marketers).

As part of the startup, I worked on a variety of software, data, and A.I. projects, including the following:

  • Creation of an A.I. model that predicted the top products and collections that individual customers were most likely to buy
  • An A.I. model that forecasted future spend on a per-customer basis
  • A model that forecasted churn and product repurchase behavior for customers
  • Explainability models and reports for the models mentioned above
  • Creation of a set of analytics modules and dashboards to help ecommerce companies understand their business
  • Integration of Apteo's data with third party marketing tools


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Project Results

Apteo's system served 100+ brands and generated up to 30% incremental monthly sales for brands that used its data and A.I. to create personalized campaigns. Many brands used it to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new sales in just a few months. Brands that used Apteo also experienced Facebook ad ROAS of anywhere from 2X - 10.5X, and saw greatly increased conversion rates and win back rates for their dormant customers.